Since 1993 year AGV supply spare parts and equipment for all types of marine vessels around the world.port

        AGV has a flexible approach to each Client, provides prompt and competent market offers with competitive prices. Our Company has large spare parts warehouse and supplies spare parts to any point of the world.

      We are a worldwide partner for companies from all continents due to our great experience and technical base of engine and spare part manufacturers.  

        We know how important to our Clients receive high quality spare parts in time, so we make sure that we provide:

  • Very competitive prices
  • The highest quality spare parts
  • The urgent possible delivery
  • Exceptional service throughout the duration of supply and aftersale assistance

          Supply original genuine and OEM spare parts and equipments for all types of ships and harbour facilities:

  • Spare parts for marine main and auxiliary engines, stationary diesel generators
  • Spare parts for turbochargers
  • Spare parts for auxiliary boilers and heat-recovery boilers
  • Oil and fuel separators
  • Air compressors
  • Evaporators
  • Pumps (all types and executions)
  • Automatic and semi-automatic oil and fuel filters
  • Refrigeration compressor spares and refrigeration valves
  • Hydraulic equipment
  • Electrical and Automation equipment
  • Spare parts for trawl and cable winches, deck equipment and cargo cranes
  • Fish-processing equipment and machines
  • Marine valves: globe, gate, needle, ball etc.

and much more ...


          Please send your enquiries and you’ll get the best prompt our quotation!

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Air compressors
Original and OEM spare parts for AIR COMPRESSOR typesair compressor   H. Cegielski HATLAPA SPERRE VEB Kolditzer Kompressorenwerk VEB Zwickauer Maschinenfabrik SC-115 SF1-125 W280W140W220W110W80W55W45L28L15 HL2/77HL2/160LL2/105LL2/120HV2/200HV2/240HLF/77 2S1-75C2HS1A-100/120T 2S1-125C2S2-125E   Hamworthy Russian…
Original and OEM spare parts for BOILER typesboiler 150x135     ex.GDR boilers Russian auxiliary boilers  Russian recuperation boilers ESH-6,3SHK-4 DGS-1,2 KAB 4/7KAB 6,3/7 КУП 40КУП 150/8КУП 1000    Poland auxiliary boilers Rauma-Repola    716A CHB-6500-10UNEX NA-2200UNEX BH-1000 EHO101 ClaytonEHO125Bifa 125 MPYRO…
Coupling & Clutches
Couplings & Clutches spare partscoupling 150x135   Lohmann and Stolterfoht KWD   Rotex   Stromag   Vulkan Pneumaflex KAP340 MD KAE280 EZR-1232, EZ135S EZR-1722, EZ195S…
Electric spares
Electric spares and equipments from worldwide 150x135     Switches Automatic circuit breakers Thermo couple Selsyns, tachogenerator Fire detectors Electronic board Oil mist detector Graviner Heating elements Electric motors Electric fan Ammeter, voltmeter     ABB ASEA Autronica BBC EAW EMA-Eles…
Original and OEM spare parts for ENGINE typesengine 150x135   Crankshaft, cylinder block, camshaft Cylinder liner Cylinder cover complete, Cylinder cover bare Piston complete, piston crown, piston skirt, piston ring, piston pin Cooling jacket Connecting rod Main and big-end Bearing shell, thrust bearing Non return valve…
Original and OEM spare parts for AUTOMATIC OIL & FUEL FILTER typesfilters 150x135   Boll & Kirch Alfa Laval Moatti 6.23.NW506.24.46.24 NW326.33SK4516.33.G2 NW2006.41 DN806.466.48 DN806.50 ND-1006.60.Gr05 DN506.626.62.1 DN40 F152DE 16/8-A03T280D 25/4-A05T280D 25/4-A07 FRO 40AD-X32FRL 3/150A-C…
Fresh water generators
Original and OEM spare parts for EVAPORATOR / DISTILLER typesfresh water generator 150x135   ex.GDR Fresh water generators Russian Fresh water generators SVA25SVA40 D4MD5MD5U…
Hydraulic equipments
Hydraulic spares and equipments from worldwide manufacturershydraulic 150x135     ORSTA hydraulic HydrosterBosch RexrothPARKERSUN hydraulicHAWEVICKERSSauer-Danfoss Hydraulic Valves, needle, ball, shut-off HoseHexagon nipplesRubber bagsHydraulic PumpsGear pumpsHydraulic cylindersHydraulic distributor valvesGear motorsAxial piston pumpsHydraulic mani…
Original and OEM spare parts for PUMP types   pump 150x135 ACE 32-2NCACE 35-2NCACG 45-2N/2FABQ-110ABQ-125ACF-125-3N3F AAE 32-3NFACE 025ACE 032ACE 038 CMK2/250QVP4/300QV7/300QV7/350BDV-100 EZ-41EZ-43 ILS-50/250 ILS-65/250ILS-100/315 ILS-100/400 NC50/1ANC65/1APDSU-45/4E C-MV80-B-4-1CVMAR5CNM65A25BHBV50/80   GLVB-40AKSEY 25/1KSEY…
Refrigeration spares
Refrigeration spares and equipments from worldwide manufacturersref compressor 150x135   GEA Grasso SABROE MYCOM STAL Refrigeration HOWDEN BITZER Danfoss AWP AWA Mertik Dybvad VEB Kuehlautomar Berlin    Cylinder Liner and Blocks  Pistons and Piston Rings  Connecting Rods  Crank Shafts  Valve Plates  Valve Assemblies  Mechani…
Original and OEM spare parts for SEPARATOR typesseparator 150x135   Alfa Laval Russian Kyffhauser separator Westfalia separator MAPX204TGT MAPX205TGT MAPX207S MAPX304 MAPX309B MB1700C MMPX303 MMPX304 MMPX404 WHPX405TGD FOPX605TFD FOPX607TFD P-605 PA615 S811 SA811 S836 SA836 SL-1SL-3SC-1,5 SOZA-5SOZB-5,2SOZB-5,3SOZA-6…
Original and OEM spare parts for TURBOCHARGER typesturbocharger 150x135   BBC MAN PBS TURBO SKBT NAPIER TCU TURBO VTR 630VTR 750VTR 750-1VTR 630VTR 631-1VTR 500-ZB4VTR 500WEVTR 401-2WB VTR 400VTR 320VTR 321-2VTR 250VTR 200VTR 201VTR 161 G8/6221G8/624G8/6221G8/624TL430TL540T540ENA-57ТО703NR20RNR20STCR18 PDH25PDH35PDH35VPDH35ZVPDH50PTD230…
Winches & Deck equipments
Winches & Deck equipment spare partswinch 150x135   Nail Nail support Cam Bearings Brake cylinder Brake complete   IbercisaKGW MarineRapp HydemaRolls-RoyceTowimor ИГЕК-Супер MCS-E50/3600 MCS-E/50/3600-9,4 1TKW480 2NL 2HKW14 1KSpW37 62/69KN TWS 5030 HMJ 9/HMH S9 FTR200E T20C Vj-10B…